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One of the oldest and the best Bewitched sites I know of is The Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery Site. The webmistress is a lifelong Elizabeth Montgomery fan and has a very clever and exhaustive fan site. Lots of photos, images of rare collectibles, info on the rest of Elizabeth’s career and lots more.

Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre is an online magazine with original articles, photos, interviews, episode guide, biographies, collectibles info and more. And on Facebook

1164 Morning Glory Circle is the first Bewitched site on the internet and has 3D renderings of the house and tons of very detailed photos of the interior and exterior, audio and video clips,  Also photos of the actual house in Burbank that the set was modeled after.

Television host & correspondent Erin Murphy (Tabitha) has a website with her bio, photos, video clips, and her blog.

Mischa Hof’s unique Bewitched site is interactive and very animated, and includes such goodies as a detailed inventory of the contents of the Stephen’s household items, rare videos and the webmaster’s personal photos from a visit to the 1164 Morning Glory Circle set.

Vic’s Bewitched Page has episode guides, some rare photos, and an assortment of original promos and season opening videos.

Herbie J. Pilato is the author of several excellent books on Elizabeth Montgomery and Bewitched (and several other classic TV shows). And Herbie’s book page on Facebook.